Kannabyte Company licensed to grow medicinal cannabis in Colombia

Medical cannabis grown in the most strategic place in the world, incorporating new traceability technologies.


About Us

About Kannabyte

We are a Colombian company specialized in the cultivation and transformation of cannabis for medical use, our entire production and distribution process, it will be registered, tracked and safeguarded using the Blockchain technology, offering our customers total transparency and traceability. Our crops and research centers are located in Antioquia, Colombia (outskirts of Medellin), where climate and safety conditions are ideal for the sustainable production of cannabis both psychoactive and non-psychoactive. In addition, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, we can guarantee that all international standards are met throughout our production and distribution process. As a social commitment, we decided to implement a corporate policy in order to generate employment opportunities in rural areas, with an emphasis on households headed by women or dependent on people of late adult age

Opportunities in the cannabis sector

Colombia with an investment option in medical cannabis

Favorable climatic and hydrographic conditions.

Kananbte has ICA records as a bank of cannabis seeds, this allows the crop to operate and grow with low production costs, we have varieties in the process of registration for marketing and cultivation

Investing in the cannabis industry offers a great opportunity to capitalize on an emerging medicine and future recreational product.
Medical cannabis is emerging as one of the fastest growing industries in the world, every month another country is legalizing cannabis for medical use.

Why Kannabyte?

Make the smarter investment


We deliver all our experience in agronomy and production to and take care of all logistics.


Thanks to the strategic location that we have due to weather and hydrographic conditions, we can produce 365 days a year indoors and outdoors.

Labor costs

Colombia is a country that has skilled labor and low salary costs ($ 400 a month for workers)


All our production will be with Blockchain traceability to guarantee transparency in the operation.

The cannabis market

$ 12 billion in 2018

$ 166 billion in 2025.


Road Map

January 2018
Business plan
March 2018
License management
August 2018
Analysis of genetic prototypes
August 2019
Notification of ICA registration as seed importer
August 2019
Notification of ICA registration as seed producer
August 2019
Notification of ICA records as agronomic evaluator of seeds
October 2019
Cannabis Seed Use License Notification
February 2020
Start of seed cultivation for agronomic evaluation tests.
March 2020
Notification of transformation license to convert the flower into oil
June 2020
License granted Psychoactive cannabis cultivation

Blockchain traceability

We have a tool developed under Blockchain to keep traceability and registration in each of the plants




Kannnabyte does not receive investments of any kind, we are NOT crowdfunding, we are only suppliers of raw materials.

Among several clients that we have worldwide, some handle investment models that have nothing to do with our business, our only relationship with them is the cultivation, production, harvesting and extraction of oils.

kannabyte is not responsible to third parties for any type of damage caused or loss of money.


How it Works


Seed stabilization

We stabilize the seeds in the region in which the seed will be cutivated in order to validate the production, height, adaptation to height


Seed cultivation

We have interior and exterior operation, depending on the genetics and stabilization results of each seed



After harvesting our genetics, we proceed to cut and dry the flower to take it to the extraction laboratory.


Oil extraction

We have a license for the manufacture of derivatives and oil extraction, we also have alliances with laboratories to extract and transform the oil into the product that customers want.

Our current operation

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors

Real photos of our operation indoors and outdoors


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